Solar generation in Cyprus


The biggest project in Cyprus
2 Mil. €
Minimal Investment
Yearly income from the investment
12 MW
Solar Power



Unlike investments in the real estate bubble (the value of which has grown by 500-1000% in recent years and is on the way to a rapid collapse), you invest in new production. A minimum lot of shares is 2 million EUR, which allows you to obtain Cypriot citizenship. 
About the project...

    Yearly Income
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    Annually, you receive 5+% of the revenue from the Preferred Share amount. This income is much higher than the interest paid by banks on deposit accounts.

      Buying back Shares
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      Quickly realized asset. You will be able to sell the shares to project participants or other investors. At the end of five years, we are ready to redeem your package and return the investment to your bank account. Revenues from the sale of shares are not taxed in Cyprus.

        Our Plan

        Below you can see the project plan in detail.
        Summer 2018
        Company Registration
        Until the end of the summer of 2018, we plan to complete the registration of the company and start attracting investments.
        Autumn 2018
        Investors and License.
        For Autumn 2018 we plan to attract investors, receive the already approved licenses and start the project.
        Spring 2019
        Launch of the project
        By the end of the Spring of 2019, the project will be launched and generation will begin.

        Solar generation.

        • Unlike hydrocarbons, an inexhaustible source of electricity.

        • High potential, due to the rapid development of alternative energy sources technologies.

        • Environmentally friendly electricity that does not harm the environment.


        Answers to frequently asked questions.
        Why Cyprus?
        Cyprus is at one of the most optimal points in Europe for solar generation, as it is one of the safest EU countries.
        What is the minimum investment?

        The minimum lot for the purchase of shares is 2,000,000 €.

        How is this project better than others?
        Our generation will be the largest on the island, and we also guarantee an opportunity to buy back shares after 5 years.
        What is the benefit?

        You will receive 5+% per annum on your investment, also we guarantee the opportunity to sell your shares in 5 years.

        How high is the risk?
        Veltore Ltd. has done everything to ensure minimizing of the risks, the equipment is guaranteed for 25 years, besides this,   the object will be guarded around the clock, avoiding possible problems.

        Solar Cyprus

        Below are photos of Cyprus and solar generation

        Solar generation in Nicosia

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