Immigration to Cyprus

Emigration to Cyprus, in return for investment in solar generation.


Emigration is a way to significantly change the conditions of life, business, environment and people. It is peculiar for a person to seek better conditions, like a fish with deeper water.

For the living, raising children and doing business, Cyprus is one of the best places. If you are looking for the best - education, sports conditions, food, minimum taxes, medicine, security - emigration to Cyprus will allow you to realize your dreams.


    We are offering to invest in green energy in Cyprus, which will provide you with obtaining European citizenship, annual revenues of $ 100 thousand euros, the possibility of running your own business in Cyprus.

    The status of a tax resident of Cyprus - ensuring the confidentiality of the exchange of information between countries. Cyprus will not give information to the other country in respect of its tax resident. For 12 years you will be exempt from paying taxes on dividends and capital gains.

    Income from investments cover the running costs - your peace of mind guarantee. The annual income of 100 thousand euros cover running costs for insurance, education, food, utilities, minor acquisitions and gifts, travel. This amount will be updated annually, you gain confidence tomorrow. Your life in Cyprus will become a comfortable and independent of income outside Cyprus, which can at any time stop.

    Emigrating to our project - you invest in your family's future, changing conditions with a guaranteed income.

    Details of the investment program on our website.

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